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About Me


A Little About Me

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my tiny corner of the internet. I'm Katie and I live in the wine country with my boyfriend and our cat, in a sweet little farm house rental. (Not home owners yet!) 

In my day job, I am an executive assistant (aka problem-solver and cat wrangler), but I wanted a spot to share and explore my other passions. Before becoming an EA, I worked as a local farm magazine editor, consumer loan officer, student teacher (high school), advertising project manager, freelance writer, and Express clothing sales girl. (I also worked at Chili's for three days, but that's another story.) I have a BA and MA in English literature, and it's safe to say my career path has been a meandering one! 

This blog, The Armchair Hostess, is a little space to share all the ideas, questions, and explorations I have about living a great life -- home & lifestyle, entertaining, personal growth, hobbies, relationships, travel, and more -- all in one place. I am absolutely still discovering and growing as a person and this blog will reflect that! Let's learn and discover together.

Why the Armchair Hostess?

The first is for literal reasons: I love to entertain - cocktail parties are my favorite to host - and a dear friend pointed out that I have a tendency to perch on the arm of a chair when I'm chatting with someone & playing hostess, ready to pop up and check on other guests, and make sure everyone is having a good time.

The other reason I chose this is because the term "armchair _____" (e.g. armchair quarterback or armchair expert) refers to someone who claims to know all the answers to a problem but really is far from an expert. I chose this as more tongue-in-cheek because I am always learning and far from perfect! (Martha Stewart is perfect, obv. But I am still learning every day!) I love seeing what others are doing -- be it in the areas of interior design and entertaining, but also general lifestyle "hacks" and tips. 

So, the Armchair Hostess, it is!

My goal for this site is to be  a space for discovery and sharing -- no experts here! -- and celebrating the creativity and knowledge of others.

A quick note

I believe the world -- and by extension, the internet -- is overall a lovely, kind place. But should it need to be mentioned, this blog is for positive, helpful comments and sharing, only. We can disagree, since we are all growing, unique people, but any negativity, hostility, name-calling, or general unpleasantness will not be tolerated. Be kind. We're all in this together.